EUROSYSTEM is the result of a merge between the historic individual firm, created by Mr. Zanellato, and another branch set up by his son Omar and two other partners, Andrea Bastianello and Carla Simonato, who initially only dealt with installation of cold storage. The primary commitment is always the same: meeting the demand for "cold" in the food industry. Today, the group has expanded its production and offers its customers a wide range of products:

Panels, refrigerator doors, commercial and industrial cold storage, refrigeration equipment, chilling and freezing tunnels. The strengths of the group are its reliability, punctuality and, above all, the guarantee for the customer that his/her requirements will be met in the best way and as quickly as possible. Quality of service is special because it offers the customer the finished work at very competitive prices, as there are also several offers on used items. The services offered to customers are:
  • design
  • supply
  • installation
  • after-sales service

The Group's mission is to seek a growing and ongoing familiarity with clients and meet their needs, anticipating their expectations with continuous innovation, quality and offering a complete service.

The Company has always been sensitive to the proper management of human and technological resources, it relies on selected certified manufacturers, always selecting qualified personnel and in compliance with safety regulations (art. 81 - Law 626) in all stages of assembly.
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